Evaluation procedure

Applicants to YIA call will be evaluated by the members of the Scientific Council of the IAS and external experts identified by the UL from the academic and non-academic world.

Interdisciplinarity is the key to this programme and evaluations will take into account the degree of interdisciplinarity of each project.

Once your project submission is complete, the following steps are described below, and defined as follows:

  • Eligibility check (2 weeks) performed by the UL and a cross-check by the University of Mons (BE)
  • Written evaluations by external reviewers and members of the Scientific Council (8 weeks)
  • Ranking done with the written evaluations, the best ranked 15 candidates are invited for the oral presentation
  • Pitch of 15 minutes and scientific debate of 15 minutes in front of the Scientific Council of the IAS only
  • Final funding is validated by the Rector
  • Final results are communicated to the candidates by the Head of IAS