Institute for Advanced Studies


The University of Luxembourg (UL) is a research-oriented University in a country that nurtures and promotes its research and innovation ecosystem, aiming at a knowledge-based economy at the heart of Europe. After almost 20 years of existence, UL has become an epicentre for creating new knowledge and technology, with both local and global socio-economic and cultural impact.

The University of Luxembourg wishes to overcome boundaries between disciplines and sectors, and considers that an increased interdisciplinarity is among the stakes of the university’s and Luxembourg’s next steps in its international research and innovation development. Based on this, UL has established in 2020 an Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS), which has four main missions:

  • to leverage bold and interdisciplinary research at the very forefront of science,
  • to represent UL’s values of excellence, interdisciplinarity and internationality,
  • to build bridges between the UL community, international visitors, and the general public,
  • to contribute to the attraction and retention of international talent.

The IAS further positions the university as a strong asset of and for Luxembourg, recognised for its own intellectual resources but also as a magnet for the international academic community.

The IAS – Luxembourg will achieve its missions through four strategic funding instruments:

  • Distinguished: Attraction of distinguished international visiting fellowships
  • Audacity: Leveraging bold and interdisciplinary projects at the very forefront of science
  • Young Academics: Attraction of talented PhD candidates and Post-Doctoral researchers
  • Brainstorm: Small group brainstorm meetings on emerging research questions and topics
IAS Instruments and Aims
New: On July 1, 2023, IAS Luxembourg became a new member of the UBIAS (University-Based Institutes for Advanced Study) network. To find out more about the UBIAS network and other IAS members, click here: UBIAS.
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